Typography is defined astheskill of crafting and positioning text in a graphicstyle. This is a very creative and innovative art that holds the power to attract the readers in the most incredible way. It aids in improving a theme, adds a personality to the idea, and boosts emphasis on the concept. The artistic use of colour scheme as well as font in typography ensures thatthe reader’s attention is drawn towards the advertisement for the longest period of time. It comprises of many other elements including typefaces, tracking, kerning, and leading.

Just like location, shape, design, and colour, typography too is believed to play a very vital part in marketing. This is the main medium used by majority of thebusinesses and companies to convey the message to their target audience. This is why the text on the site, poster or even visual ads needs to be perfectly positioned in an apt font. Many brands might be able to sell their products and services only by showing their logo without any use of typography. This can happen only if the brand is an already successful and popular one. However, if you are at the initial stage of building your brand name, then attractive typography is certainly the most you need in your advertisement.