It is not at all necessary for you to go through major books or write-ups to gain expertise in the field of typography. Here are some simple guidelines that will help you improve your typography skills and ultimately enhance your advertisement.

  • Keep it minimal: Be it font or words, ensure that whatever text you put up on the advert is short, crisp and good enough to propagate your message. Avoid puzzling the readerswith too many words and do not end up using more than two to three fonts per advertisement.
  • Offer enough blank space: It is important for you to keep some white and blank area on the ad so that the reader does not feel suffocated with too many words and ideas. Hold yourself and create a text that comprises of all your ideas and accurate punch lines.
  • Contrast always helps: In case you are portraying different elements in your text, go ahead with using different colour and introduce a contrast. This will seek for attention and captivate the audience.
  • Ensure consistency: Make sure that your advert has a consistent design and is not over-loaded with too many pictures or text. Keep a balance as it helps massively in building your brand name.
  • Maintain Hierarchy: All the advertisers should try to place the content in a way they want it to get read by their target readers. Ensure that the title is an attractive one as that is the first thing that holds the attention of anyone who comes across the advert. This guideline will help you keep the interest of the reader intact throughout the ad.